What Do You Love?

I AM LOVE: I Woke Up Like This!

Wake up in anticipation.... Something great is going to happen today.

You should wake up every morning with a renewed mind and great expectations.  Setting positive and productive intentions can drive and inspire you to become what your heart desires.  If you get into the habit of focusing on the have not's, can not's, and will not's; you may never be able accomplish your most inner desires.   Obviously, without a plan and action your desires more than likely will not come into fruition.  However, setting a daily intention most certainly draws that very energy into your life.  Are you setting daily intentions in your life?    Here are some great tips on setting and following through with positive daily intentions:

1.  Focus on your greatest aspiration and set an intention for the day;

2.  Prioritize an agenda on what can be accomplished today and see your tasks through completion;

3.  Have an optimistic mindset and leave marginal room for error;

4.  Embrace your flawless and mistakes because they teach you what doesn't work and make the necessary adjustments;

5.  Check-in with yourself if you feel discouraged and remind yourself of numbers 1 - 4;

6.  Pay attention to the gratitude your receive from your inner self for the positive energy you exude;

6.  Notice your heightened self-esteem from pursuing what you love and exercising your talents;

7.  Take inventory for the day and be satisfied with what you have accomplished;

8.  Go to sleep and repeat!

..... and when someone ask why they can see your inner light shinning so bright on the outside.  Simply say, "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS".