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Passion In Pursuit: Diego Fuller: How being "Engrafted" changed his destiny

Diego Fuller is a Former Foster Child, Christian Rapper and Speaker.  Now using his triumphed victory as an opportunity to build partnerships between local churches and organizations that help with adoption, foster care and orphan missions.

I had the opportunity to meet Diego during his performance at the SWAGG Programs Volunteer Appreciation & Fundraising Luncheon.  He shared his candid story about being a former foster child and how being "Engrafted" into an unconditionally loving family changed his destiny.  He now travels the country sharing his message of

 "...empowering the local church to create a culture of families prepared to accept the calling of orphan care.... [He] truly believe[s] that if the church could get involved with the state and help take on fostering and adopting the fatherless, they can save a child and change their destiny, just as Bishop Aaron Blake did with 6 foster boys including Diego himself."

Diego released his second studio album titled “ENGRAFTED”, that’s now Ranked #1 album locally on Reverbnation, #22 in the nation, and also #25 around the globe, and was nominated as "Artist" and "Best Song of the Year."  Check out the video

Want to know more about Diego Fuller?  Or how The B.I.G Foundation and The Keep are working to reach churches to aid in overcoming child homelessness?