The Lolovivi Network provides quality assistance to organizations and entrepreneurs that aid in the positive growth of the community as well as the fashion, beauty, music, art, and entertainment industries.  

Our services give organizations the ability to gain more visibility through improving their digital footprint, brand recognition, and by developing strategies to ensure their continued success.

Lovi is the visionary behind TLVN which is a platform she developed to materialize her talents, vocalize her ideas, and share her gifts with the world. As a personal stylist, Lovi has met her share of passionate professionals.  Her desire to connect with people fueled and awarded by their passion aided in growing TLVN to become a platform she now shares with other entrepreneurs.  Whether working behind the scenes as a stylist or acting as Creative Director; Lovi has an appreciation for the HeART that goes into every project.   Her hands on approach and passion for working with individuals pursing what they love lends to her balanced ability to bring visions to life.