Lovi was born in Buffalo, New York and spent most of her childhood living in New Jersey, North Carolina and Texas.  Experiencing diversity in culture taught Lovi that there are different ways of life and becoming the best version of your authentic self brings out the beauty in your life.   Lovi's entire life has been centered around fashion, beauty, music and personal growth.  Her focus when it comes to beauty is based on starting from the inside-out.  She credits many "invisible mentors" as inspiration but notes that the teachings of Queen Afua had a major impact on her overall growth.

"Queen Afua's book, The Sacred Woman: A guide to healing the feminine body, mind, and spirit changed the way I viewed the words I speak, the foods I eat, how I treat my body, my perception of beauty, my healing process and my relationships."

Her healing process would soon give birth to her purpose and ignite a passion to become a full service stylist.  Being a stylist has given Lovi an opportunity to build positive one on one relationships with many women.  The value that has been brought to her life by connecting with so many people as well as her clients is evident.  She developed The Lolovivi Network as a platform to materialize her talents, vocalize her ideas, and share her gifts with the world.  She now helps other passionate entrepreneurs and organizations do the same!

"I believe people are fueled in life by what they love, have a lot to give, and need an outlet to pursue their passions to survive.  Pursuing passion breathes life into a person, creates happiness, gives them purpose, and connects like minds".
                       LoVi's mother 1996 NYC, NY

                       LoVi's mother 1996 NYC, NY

Her greatest inspiration to become a stylist was her mother and credits her with being her beauty industry mentor.

"  I admired the way my mother dressed.  She was very classy and always dressed to impress.  She would be looking and smelling good in a St. John rhinestone studded double breasted suit. [ and goes on to say] Focusing on beauty is a second nature for me that developed as my mother juggled multiple jobs one which happened to be a Beauty Consultant.  I can recall using Mary Kay products at the age of nine and was taught proper skin care and make up application from childhood.  I eventually took over the family business and now I provide one-on-on makeup sessions including makeovers and classes.  I believe every woman should know how to care for and enhance her natural beauty".

LoVi is an Ogle Beauty School graduate specializing in custom color, cutting, natural hair care, extensions, makeup application, skin care, personal styling and image consulting.  She values her clients and continues to challenge herself by learning new skills to meet the demands of the forever changing beauty industry.  Her 10+ years working in business administration lends to her professional approach when serving clients.  She credits her experience working in "corporate-america" as the tool needed to successfully run a business that supports entrepreneurs like herself.  

Jewelry by Lovi was launched in 2011 and opened the doors to the fashion and beauty industry.  The launch would give Lovi an opportunity to be hands on in all of the editorials showcasing her jewelry.  Her experience styling editorials would make for opportunities to collaborate on the SheDJs October 2013 n'Rotation magazine feature and Visions2Design launch, as well as personal stylist to singer Mokah Soulfly and various public figures.  While working on projects that gain global exposure are a thrill; most of Lovi's clients are women just like her that want to enhance their natural beauty or define a style suitable to fit their lifestyle.  In a society where beauty is often defined by a standard, Lovi works with each client to develop a unique look that is their own.  

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