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I Am Love: Frustrated with the process....?

Setting a goal is the easy part.  You can simply tell yourself what you would like to accomplish, write it down, set a date, and feel great about it.  If you're anything like me when you set a goal, you are very optimistic about the outcome and sometimes ignore the possible pitfalls for the sake of "trying to stay positive".  It's is very easy to become distracted or even discourage when you are trying to reach your goals, especially when your goal is long term.  Having a strong will and support system are great ways to keep you on track when situations arise that make you feel like giving up.  


Sometimes it's easy to become frustrated with the process of achieving your goals. As you begin to move through the process life is still happening.  You may experience "The I don't feel like it days", physical and mental exhaust, discouragement & self doubt, and sometimes lack of support.  In the midst of discouragement you have to continue to motivate and encourage yourself to complete the task at hand.  Sometimes when you experience resistance it's because you're on the verge of a breakthrough and all you have to do is continue to give it full force.  

When feeling frustrated with the process:


Renew your Perspective

Think about why you want to accomplish your goal and remind yourself why it is necessary.   Having a made up mind about why something is necessary for your life can renew your perspective and bring acknowledgment to the sacrifice being worth your current frustration.  




Track your Progress

Evaluate your plan of action.  A goal without a plan is just a dream.  Every goal you set should have a plan of action along with milestones that can help you track your progress.  When feeling discouraged, instead of focusing on where you are look at how far you've come.  Noting your progression and how close you are to completion can be re-motivating within itself.  On other words, "Do something today your latter self will thank you for".


Look to your Support System

Look to your support system for encouragement.  Most people have a family member, friend or mentor in their life that they can talk to about personal things.  Although, I'd advise to use your confidant wisely (both in occupying time and energy).  People that care about you want to see you succeed and will be there to give you the extra nudge (not because you're whining but because you just need to hear "You can do this").  Remember your goals are your goals and you know why they are important to you!  At the end of the day it is your responsibility to encourage yourself.  Make a decision to remove self-doubt, negative self-talk and fear from your life and do it!  Learn to be your own support system because you can always count on you!



Be Patient with the Process

When all else fails spend some alone time and reassess your goals, align your truth and listen to that still voice inside of you.  Sometime rejection or resistance is redirection.  Forcing things into action prematurely will not produce the right outcome.  Instead, practice patience with the process because "good things come to those that wait....".  Everything will happen in perfect timing.  Just be encouraged, be patient, and remain grateful!