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Passion in Pursuit: Meet Rising Star Sophia Knolton

Sophia Knolton, Detroit-native and graduate of the University of North Texas TV/Film, Theatre & Radio program jump started her acting career in theatrical productions like A Christmas Carol, Little Women, and Greece.

Now 32, this passionate and outgoing actress has taken on fresh roles adding fuel to her drive as a rising star. Her professional training in TV/film, theatre and modeling has landed her opportunities to be featured on Tyler Perry's If Loving You is Wrong and lead roles in the short films I Need Space, Murder Saved My Marriage, Rapture and The Lyme Lyte.

Sophia is making her way to the big screen this year joining cast mates Vivica A. Fox, Charles Dutton, David Banner, Pooch Hall, and Reginald Haynes in the highly anticipated Carter High.

Acting allows me to express myself but I love the industry so much that will work on the set or behind the scenes.
— Sophia Knolton

In addition to acting, Sophia has a solid modeling portfolio including Black Hair & Hype Hair magazines. She also ripped the runway in Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy Collection fashion show and Fashion Atlantis Dallas, hosted by America's Next Top Model Shei Phan. She is a versatile artist and attributes her life experiences to being able to take on the roles of various characters and calls her "go-getter" mentality her recipe for success.

While ready to take her career "to the next level," she notes it's not about the money or fame. Entertaining is her passion! Her fearless and positive perspective coupled with her ability to be humble and coachable is notable. She is receptive to learning new things from other industry professionals and is appreciative of the helpful advice she's received from fellow cast mate David Banner as well as the experience she's gained working onset with Tyler Perry. Sophia has set some achievable goals including making more connections, adding to her management team, and continuing to build on her already extensive portfolio.

Having a busy schedule is an understatement for this mom of three. However, Sophia has mastered the balancing act of being a mom/ working actress and expresses gratitude to her family and close friends for the tremendous amount of support she receives in order to pursue her career goals. "My children come first," said Sophia but enjoys the moments she catches her children "pretending to act" and thinks it's cute that her oldest daughter goes to school and tells the other children "My mommy is on TV". The responsibility that comes with wearing so many hats is beyond measure, but she wears them gracefully; even finding time to give back to the community through her service with the UNITY Bible Group. Sophia believes that her faith and trusting God has given her the direction she needs to balance life without limiting herself. Expect greatness from this rising star!

Carter High, coming to theatres soon!