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I Love Fashion: Black and White... The iconic look every woman should perfect

Anyone that sees me on a regular basis knows how much I love to wear black. Yes even in the summer.  I am not the type woman that wears black because im trying to hide my body or feel slimmer. The truth is I think black is both sexy and classic. This is the very reason why the little black dress is so popular. You can never really go wrong with black unless it's faded or you wear the wrong fabric. If you were to take a peak in my closet you would see a lot of solids because I love to build on key pieces in my wardrobe, but when I do purchase prints I normally opt for a tasteful leapord print or prints in (you guessed it) black and white! There's just something edgy and sexy about a black pencil skirt, pumps, and a nice blouse that makes me feel ready for anything. The color blocking trend is still in effect and for those of you that aren't prepared to take a risk with neon colors and major abstract; step outside the boxed with alittle black and white.  This color pallet transitions greatly into statement pieces where you're able to mix different patterns and textiles to create bold, yet subtile looks.

When purchasing key transitional pieces for your wardrobe, black is a great color to consider. Black slacks, skirts, tops and shoes can all be used inner changeably to create different looks. 

As I've reviewed my wardrobe over the past few years I can always recall keeping a nice pair of black pumps, a form fitting black skirt, a flattering pair of black pants, and a multi purpose black shirt. Many of these pieces have transitioned from season to season and year to year. 

Here I have highlighted a few ways to look edgy yet classic and sexy yet classy.