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I Love Fashion: Express Factory Outlet Coming Soon!

I Love Fashion: Express Factory Outlet Coming Soon!

CHECK YOUR LISTING!!!  This is going to be the bomb.com.

Is any one else as excited as I am about the new Express Outlets opening May 1, 2014?  This is definitely news you can use!  I always boast at how great their reasonably priced slacks and jeans fit and for my fellow dedicated Express shoppers I'm sure this will be a delight!

As with all factory outlets, there's no need to look forward to the newest season picks, however we all know that we can bank on the fact that their clothing will always have the perfect fit.  Not to mention if you're like me, we'll definitely buy our favorite items in atleast three colors.  But what's the greatest benefit to having a factory outlet? The holiday shopping, duh!   I have clothes that I still wear that I purchased at Express years back.  Their style in general is so classic that there is no reason worry about searching through a bunch of trendy-fads no one wants to wear anymore.  I'm happy to say, I have high expectations for the Express Factory Outlet.  

However, I hope this doesn't affect my love for this store because as with all things accessibility and mass marketing decreases the desirability and value.  What's your opinion?  Do you think express should open Factory Outlets?  Do you think they're just trying to compete for H&M customers?  Or do you just love-love that you can now shop your favorite store at outlet prices?

Check out the listing below to see if you can expect a store opening in your area.  Grapevine Mills... Here we come!