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I AM LOVE: AND I CALL MYSELF A WOMBMAN by Nekhena Evans, Sacred Woman Initiate

AND I CALL MYSELF A WOMBMAN by Nekhena Evans, Sacred Woman Initiate


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How can I become a “Wombman”

when I don’t know my womb?

I have never had a conversation with my womb

so how can I consider myself a Wombman?

I have been with you…grown with you,

been through Rites of Passage with you

from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood, and yet…

I have never had a conversation with you.

You have been a victim.  A consequence to an action.

A symptom of a disease.

An effect of my action.

I have never spoken to you.  Consulted with you.

Inquired of you.  Cared for you.

Or understood you.

and I call myself a grown Wombman.

Where have I grown?  How could I have grown without talking to you?

Without acknowledging your presence and your works?

And I call myself a Wombman

I have put you through dozens of men…

alien spirits/being/entities…of all dimensions,

from all places and stations.

I have created and destroyed babies through you.

I have fed you all kinds of poisons, thereby creating diseases-

fibroids, tumors, cysts and the like.

I have sexually abused you, thereby creating sexually transmitted disease…

infections of all types, itching…burning…hurting…PAIN!

I have used you for my own purposes…

money, favors, alleged self-esteem, beauty, clothing, food.

I have allowed men to probe you,

doctors to drug you, while I held you down.

If I had known someone who had done all these things

I would call them the names I despise most-


Yes, I would…

Time to release. RELEASE.RELEASE.


I am complete.

I will be responsible for you, for myself…for my womb.

We are in a relationship together.

We have been from the very, very beginning.

I will commune and communicate with you.

I will listen to you.

I will wash, cleanse, and purify you.

I will pay attention to your patterns, your moods, yours signs and wonders.

I will….I will…I will…become the Wombman that you made

me from the beginning.