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I AM Love: Time is money & Time is power: “Better organize your time in 2015”

Set your goals towards being productive in 2015 and eliminate any distractions that keep your from accomplishing your goals. Before you being your journey this year, take personal inventory of the things and people that occupy your time and adjust based the need that it meets in this season of your life. Happy New Year & Happy New You! ~LoVi

 How many of you have decided that your new year’s resolution is to be more organized?  Finally deciding to tackle your closet or garage is a great way to de-clutter your life but one of the most effective ways to organize your life is by organizing and better managing your time. Effectively managing your time provides you with a way of getting everything completed on your to do list, helps relieve stress, and saves you money in the long run.  Take note of a few ways to better organize and manage your time: 

Take the time you need to recharge.

Proper time management starts with the vessel.  Getting the proper amount of rest and relaxing gives you fuel for life and allows you to perform better when duty calls.  Sleep deprivation and over exertion are enemies to your body and hinder both your decision making skills as well as your ability to execute your agenda.





Create a daily schedule. 

Not planning is simply planning to fail.  My Google calendar has been my saving grace over the past several years.  It allows me to track due dates for bills, important dates like birthdays and holidays, and set reminders for meetings, personal deadlines, etc.  Consistently updating my calendar has programmed me to be aware of deadlines without relying on my calendar.  Additionally, plan your schedule effectively by knowing exactly how long a task will take you.  Oftentimes people are late to appointments because they don’t consider how long the commute will be.  However, one of the most import aspects of managing your time is respecting other people’s time (you can only get back from the universe what you put out).  Situations beyond your control arise all the time, but work on perfecting a schedule that leaves you room for marginal error and learn what works for you.


 Eliminate time wasters like social media

The truth is before the era of social media there was some other popular distraction that kept people from being productive throughout their day.  But still, everyone's eyes are glued to a cellphone or computer for a majority of their day.  Most of the time spent on cellphones and computers is time wasted; aimlessly browsing irrelevant content or that for entertainment purposes.  Nothing should be too important that it keeps you from accomplishing the things you need to do on your daily agenda.  Muting social media notifications or setting aside a certain time of the day (even if to reward yourself after completing your agenda) is a great way to eliminate wasted time on social media.  Additionally, “fasting” or “taking a break” from social media or the internet is a great way to connect personally within yourself and take inventory of the things you need to accomplish or have already accomplished.  You will find that spending “TIME” with yourself is more positive and rewarding. 


Exercise your right to say “NO” or “No Thank You”

We all want to lend a helping hand to someone that seeks out our help or take on demands that help further our goals.  But if you constantly find yourself without the time or energy to complete the task at hand; there is a chance that you are taking on more than you need and that you may be performing sub-par.  It’s ok to say No, No Thank you, or make alternate suggestions on how you can help to better suit your availability.  Remember, “Time is money and Time is power”.  If you are always wasting your time doing unnecessary things, you are giving up your ability to accumulate more wealth and power.


Set your goals towards being productive in 2015 and eliminate any distractions that keep your from accomplishing your goals.  Before you being your journey this year, take personal inventory of the things and people that occupy your time and adjust based the need that it meets in this season of your life.  Happy New Year & Happy New You!