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I Am Love: Daily Inspiration


I had a very interesting conversation with someone very close to me recently.  I walked away from that conversation being reminded of how important it is not to give up on someone.  Many times as we put our feelings of selfishness, anger or resentment in the way of continuing to support someone that needs us more than ever.  I was reminded that we are placed in each others lives for a reason regardless if it's for a season or if the person is meant to be a more permanent fixture.   However, as I read this quote it reminded me that more importantly people are not only looking to you for support.  Please are looking at you for inspiration.  There is a testimony to be given when you are able to arise out of a difficult upbringing or situation.  The difference between you arising from something that someone else couldn't now serves as inspiration to push on and keeping trying.  Your life at that moment literally becomes a living example.  Let this serve as a reminder to live your life in such a way that is a positive reflection to someone looking at you for inspiration!   


Have a LoVi Day;-)