Grass Root Salute Video Show


Grass Root Salute Video Show

Keisha Hunter, Program Director


Phone: (682) 999-8340

Address: 2630 Commerce St,  Dallas, TX 75226 

 Our mission is to provide a place and forum for the conscious and communalistic sector of the grassroots to be heard. Seeing as how many of our local radio stations have been provided and are dominated by self-serving, money-hungry corporate types who arbitrate what is played and heard and reject most anything conscious and thoughtful that comes from the people and homegrown culture of the grassroots sector, we thought it was needed and important that a channel and avenue that could serve as a means for our voices to be heard by the masses be provided. Thus Hunter and myself created the Grass Root Salute Radio Show to serve this end. What we hope to achieve with this venture is summed up in the following:

1. To let the voice of the common man or woman be heard on matters concerning issues that matter most to him or her such as matters including, but not limited to, the following: political, cultural, economic, health and spiritual concerns

2. To provide a public forum and spotlight for conscious artists, community activists and conscious entrepreneurs to showcase their unique talents and abilities, share of themselves and their unique message with fans, champion their causes and progressive visions, and promote their useful products and services to the community

3. To provide programing designed to educate, inform, involve, inspire, enlighten and motivate the masses to make concerted and conscious efforts towards deterministic influence of our own destinies as individuals and as a collective community of people