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Transforming Workshop: Learning, Growing, and Balancing Your Spiritual Eco-System

  • Pan-African Connection 828 4th Ave Dallas, TX, 75226 United States (map)

Actualization with the Cosmic Forces of West Africa Tour 2014”

Learning, Growing, and Balancing Your Spiritual Eco-System Hosted by  Master Teacher, Author, and founder of the  Sadulu House Spiritual Center, Hru  Yuya Assaan-ANU

Pan-African Connection Bookstore,

Art Gallery and Resource Center
 828 fourth Ave Dallas, TX 75226


$10.00 Donation

HRU Assaan is a cultural educator, empowerment lecturer, and initiated priest in the Yoruba tradition.  He's owned and operated an African centered Rite of Passage organization since 2003 and has served as a professional developer for public schools, universities, and social institutions throughout the east coast training school administrators, social workers, and educators on the finer points of curriculum development and responsible cultural inclusion.  HRU currently facilitates workshops centered oncommunity building, Rites of Passage, African-centered curriculum implementation, and child rearing. HRU also, currently, serves as a spiritual advisor and natural healer. HRU has also released a music project entitled "Mother's Rising Suns" under the name "YUYA" which are available on Amazon MP3 downloads.




All things in the universe are aware and animate even those objects that are inorganic. Everything has consciousness. The universal energies that govern the laws and character of the cosmos are called Orisha; Divine energies represented through nature’s forces (earth, wind, fire, and water.) This program deals with the West African tradition and its application in a contemporary environment.

Master Teacher, H. Yuya Assaan-ANU will teach you how to discover ways of aligning each of your internal spiritual faculties with the corresponding cosmic archetype emanating from its own “inner-verse.”

African thought and philosophical calculation, Orisha, divination, spiritual healing and growth, and balancing the spiritual ecosystem