DJ Night Nurse

DJ Night Nurse, born Shakira Pierce is a native to Dallas, Texas and a Carter High School graduate.  Becoming a mother at the age of 18 presented many challenges for her as she would tell people “I worked my ass off for years to get through school.”  She is a proclaimed conqueror of an emotionally and physically abusive marriage that lasted for 10 ½ years.  DJ Night Nurse became acquainted with the night life while making ends meet as a part-time bartender in a club owed by her parents, Palm Beach Reggae Club in Deep Ellum.  Palm Beach Reggae Club was established in 1996 and is known as one of the longest withstanding clubs in Deep Ellum.  For 14 years Palm Beach Reggae Club was a cultural forefront in the Caribbean and African community that introduced vibrations of reggae, dancehall, soca, ska, and other indigenous African music.  Her many years working in the industry not only aided in developing her taste for music, but also taught her the ins and outs of the business by family trade.  It was only after her divorce that she met the love of her life that “inspired a sense of self-healing through spiritual and unconditional love”.  It would be this very journey of spiritual healing that would yield a very close knit family of artist; inspiring her innate desire to become a digital DJ-tainer, entrepreneur, and SheDJ affiliate.  DJ Night Nurse is also an aspiring musical alchemist so she doesn’t like to limit her liking to any one particular genre so she keeps herself open to a multitude of vibrations, but says “there are a few that make me want to dance like Hip Hop, UK Funky, Juke, Tropical, DuttyDutch, Deep Space South African Ghetto House, Techno, Bass-ment Music”.  Outside of her music DJ Night Nurse loves reading, sleeping, aromatherapy baths, SEX & “throwing bad ass fucking parties”. She chronically researches and listens to music as well as collect vinyl and hard to find documentaries.  

Stephen Marley/After Party@Palm Beach Club, Dallas, TX


About DJ Night Nurse, LLC

Shakira Pierce is the founder of DJ Night Nurse, LLC and has branded herself DJ Night Nurse.  She is referred to by many as the DJ that heals, spreading love & showcasing multiple mediums of art, the state of humanity, African American Electronic Music Creators & Pioneers, Space, Health & Wellness, Africa & Restorative/ Rehabilitative Therapy through Art & Music, Happiness!  A graduate of Dallas Nursing Institute and a licensed professional nurse, DJ Night Nurse not only heals through her music but her name is inspired by her work as a night nurse.  She has spent many years caring for bed-written children and nurturing their aliments all the while healing us through her musical vibrations.  The core of DJ Night Nurse’s essence is focused on a progressive Underground Electronic Space Hop.  She is an Afro-futuristic DJ and Aspiring Digital Composer that spins the very music she loves to groove to.

DJ Night Nurse has found that her music serves as inspiration amongst other artist and finds herself on the art and fashion scene a lot.  And finds her largest audience amongst “people who are not afraid to explore sexually-fused underground sounds that are outside of the top 40!

DJ Night Nurse’s resume speaks for itself.  She’s a successful DJ, Event Producer, Music Producer and Event Host.  Her involvement as a DJ and Event Producer in the ArtLoveMagic shows have created the most monumental contributions to her professional career; collaborating with likes of talented professionals in the largest all female art show in Dallas.  DJ Night Nurse has frequented with weekly and monthly residencies including but not limited to Hearing Aid Weds Art Dance Party at Fallout Lounge, JUL Freestyly Artsquad, Beauty & The Beats Female Electronic DJ Crew, DJ DubCommission, Dub Assembly, 1111 Gallery, The JUL Charity Art Auction held at The Anatole Hotel, 2826 Arnetic, Crown & Harp, Zubar, Elm St. Bar, DropNitDeep, FreeBass, Music Makes Us High: Art Dance Party and Electro-Smoke: High Energy Art Dance Party both at Sandaga 813, La Maison Du Haze, SheDJs Day Party, and The Deep at The Travis every Friday!


Throughout her career, she’s considered herself “lucky” to have worked with several prominent Artists and DJs in the underground community such as Dub Commission, Ben Aqua & Anna Love, Mohegan Son, Mwanza “Jack” Dover, DJ Nemesis, Phooka, Athena Hernandez, Jason Mundo, Brittney X3, Miss CJ, Brenian Swift, HuntertheOne, Grimp & Dagger, Cassie Holt, PM Marketing Group, Green Bandana Group, ArtLoveMagic & JustUsLeague Freestyle Art Squad, Frankie Knuckles, Kazell, Francis Harris, Dirty Audio, AutoErotique, Singularity, in addition to several charitable organizations.




About DropNitDeep

DJ Night Nurse is the Co-Founder of DropNitDeep which is an emerging DJ Entertainment brand specializing in live multi-genre art & underground dance music event/concert production in the U.S.  Featuring DJ Night Nurse and Zander, are a Dallas Underground Bass-ment DJ/ Producer duo works to cultivate a destination for music lovers seeking a live multi-genre art experience where they spin underground progressive forward thinking electronic fused tunze and original works of art from artist all over the world.  They represent the “Next Level Movement” galvanized by spiritual space forces beyond what the eyes can see.

"We are transporters of musical fusions empowered through creative expressions beyond what the ears have heard!  We are simply an empowerment vessel, championing the Universe's creative activist spirit cosmologically."  ~ DropNitDeep



(Top Right) - DropNitDeep Presents ElectroSmoke

(Bottom Right) Jennifer - Night Nurse - Legendary Frankie Knuckles - Zander_Muzic - Maria Nine O Nine



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